Sharon Osbourne broke up with her husband

Шэрон Осборн рассталась с мужем

For their 67 years of the infamous rocker Ozzy Osbourne a lot of mischief, but even in that old age the man didn’t stop his adventures. The musician had an affair with a hairdresser who was younger than his 22 years, and this was the reason for him breaking up with his wife.

Шэрон Осборн рассталась с мужем
As reported by the Western media, after learning about the affair wife Sharon put the wrong blessed for the door, so it’s just right to say that their 34-year marriage is bursting at the seams. Most likely, Mrs. Osborne was not particularly shocked by this incident – just got already. Earlier in an interview, commenting on the frequent star divorce because of husbands affair with the nanny of their children, Sharon said that once caught Ozzy with two nurses in bed. Then the wife forgave the spouse, considering the fault taken by it in excessive doses, alcohol. Now, when a musician leads a sober lifestyle, drug and alcohol blame blame will fail.

The last time the couple broke up in 2013. Then Sharon put Ozzy an ultimatum – he will be able to return to the family nest only overcoming all his demons in the form of alcohol and drug addiction.
Recall that Mr. and Mrs. Osborne have been married for 35 years and raising three children.

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