Black mask with peat, vials of rose, favorite cream Kate Middleton and other beauty innovations

Черная маска с торфом, ампулы с розой, любимый крем Кейт Миддлтон и другие бьюти-новинки

Cleansing black mask with peat and clay, night elixir with Golden capsules, which works while you sleep, the cream of the British brand beloved of Kate Middleton and other novelties of autumn.

Matte eyeshadow Full Matte Shadow, Yves Saint Laurent (2 758 rubles)

Experts Yves Saint Laurent appeal to stop herself innocent. To begin “restructuring” they offer with make — up- this will help matte liquid eye shadow saturated colors, which hold up to 16 hours. In the “rebel” palette six colors with enticing names: Cheeky Pink, Pink Impulsive, Tantalizing Taupe, Innocent Beige, Grey Reckless and Rebel Blue. By the way, novelty can be used not only as a shadow — a thin applicator is convenient to draw the arrow graphic.

Eau de Parfum for men Man Wood Essence, Bvlgari (6 160 rubles)

To create the aroma of Wood Man Essence perfumer Alberto Morillas used notes of cypress, Haitian vetiver and cedar. They are mixed with chords of Mediterranean lemon peel, tart coriander, amber and Siamese bessonovoy resin. Admittedly, we would probably not have paid such close attention to run, if not handsome, which is new. Meet Nick Bateman — canadian actor and model. He with four years of experience in martial arts (in fact, it can be seen on the body of Apollo). In adolescence, Bateman became a four-time world champion, and at 20 opened his own karate school.

Черная маска с торфом, ампулы с розой, любимый крем Кейт Миддлтон и другие бьюти-новинки

Admire the sexy canadian (and his adorable Yorkshire Terrier Joey and Kiva) in his Instagram. And very soon nick will see coming to the big screen the movie “the matchmaker” (The Matchmaker’s Playbook) in the romantic drama “Ugly love” (Ugly Love).

Care for the eye contour anti-wrinkle and signs of fatigue, improves skin elasticity Hyalu B5 Eyes, La Roche-Posay (1 625 rubles)

Scientists have proved that after 25 years is slowing down the process of cell renewal of the stratum corneum, and the rate of formation of collagen and elastin decreases, so the skin loses its elasticity and becomes more dim. It is connected with the fact that their own reserves of hyaluronic acid diminish, which eventually leads not only to dehydration but also to the formation of wrinkles. The skin around the eyes is six times thinner than, for example, on the cheeks, so care needs to be especially careful. Together with dermatologists, the experts of the brand La Roche-Posay have developed a cream against wrinkles and signs of fatigue Hyalu B5 Eyes. Revitalizing formula contains two kinds of hyaluronic acid pure (low and high molecular weight), vitamin B5 and thermal water La Roche-Posay (it is!). Absorbs in seconds, moisturizes, and even erase the signs of sleepless nights spent watching “Game of thrones”.

Черная маска с торфом, ампулы с розой, любимый крем Кейт Миддлтон и другие бьюти-новинки

Cleansing black mask Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask, Elemis (3 550 rubles)

For 15 minutes this mask with peptides, Northern peat, extracts of sweet clover and willow, lactic acid and the Brazilian black clay manages to remove the dead skin cells, clean the pores and make the skin smooth. A tool that has the texture of black velvet, pleasantly cooling and not dry after application. One caveat: when using, be careful with light clothes and towels (to wash off the mask with your favorite white Bathrobe would be problematic).

Черная маска с торфом, ампулы с розой, любимый крем Кейт Миддлтон и другие бьюти-новинки

Day cream-radiance “Spring flowers”, Little Butterfly (4 645 rubles)

Little Butterfly is a brand created by British experts in infants, appeared in Russia only in the autumn. As in the case with a line for kids, all products are for moms hypoallergenic, and are non-comedogenic and does not contain any questionable ingredients: mineral oil, silicones, sulphates, parabens, paraffin, colorants and artificial fragrances. To start with, we offer you brand name with perhaps the most famous remedies — face cream “Spring flowers”. In England it became a bestseller after he bought Kate Middleton. The cream makes the skin velvety and matte. And all thanks to the useful ingredients: acai berries rich in vitamin C, protect skin from harmful free radicals, passionflower extract reduces wrinkles, and white mulberry extract gives the face freshness and radiance. By the way, cream flavor with notes of peach, apricot and black currant was created in Grasse French perfume capital.

Черная маска с торфом, ампулы с розой, любимый крем Кейт Миддлтон и другие бьюти-новинки

Ampoule for the face “Grand CRU”, Babor (5 720 rubles)

Experts Babor offer us incredible — you can rejuvenate in just a week! To do this, regularly morning and evening, apply to cleansed face and neck special concentrates with extracts of roses. Only three vials: damask rose, for the correction of relief and stimulate the production of collagen, with a white rose radiance and black rose to protect it from premature aging.

Night elixir “Instant reload skin”, L’occitane (4 900 rubles)

While you see sweet dreams elixir from L’occitane with three thousand gold capsules transforms the skin and makes everything to the next morning, she looked fresh and rested. The secret is in the extracts acmella and marjoram, which relax facial muscles and smooth wrinkles. And the essential oil of immortelle has antioxidant effects and restores the hydrolipidic film. To heighten the effectiveness of funds before applying make a light massage of the area between the eyebrows, three times in a circular motion clockwise and counterclockwise.

Eyebrow pencil Eyebrow Pencil Sexy, Romanovamakeup (1,070 rubles)

Professional makeup artist and beauty expert Olga Romanova sure that the makeup does not need to spend a lot of time. Therefore, all the funds from her line as simple as possible. Was no exception and a new eyebrow pencil. The main feature of a novelty — an interesting triangular stylus: its wide side is convenient to adjust the form, and thinner is to draw the individual hairs. Pencil available in two shades — Ash Brown for brunettes and Blonde Ice for blondes.

Черная маска с торфом, ампулы с розой, любимый крем Кейт Миддлтон и другие бьюти-новинки

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