Миллиардер Илон Маск три года пытался отбить Эмбер Херд у Джонни Деппа
Robert Rodriguez helped the Mask to meet amber.

Миллиардер Илон Маск три года пытался отбить Эмбер Херд у Джонни Деппа

Amber Heard

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Elon Musk

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Until recently
time it was thought that amber heard and Elon Musk ,
45-year-old entrepreneur and inventor, the owner of a fortune of 12 billion
$ met
recently. Overseas media reported that Elon and amber got close
this year, as both passed through a difficult test: the Masque, and heard
decided to divorce their spouses. But as it turned out, really
their relationship began in 2013, when amber was just beginning her
Roman with johnny Depp! This was reported by reporter Hollywood Reporter that somehow
was able to get access to the correspondence of the mask in the Network.

At the time, heard
starred in Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete kills”. But Musk, who is friends in
Rodriguez also agreed to work with Robert in one episode. Although Ilona and amber didn’t share any scenes, he
accidentally saw it in the room of the Studio. Hurd produced a Mask so strong an impression that
he certainly wanted to meet her. So Elon sent Rodriguez the mail:
“If you have the Studio planned an event or party with amber, I would like it
to attend. I would be very curious to meet her. It seems
I’m very interesting person!”

agreed and sent Ilona the invitation to the party, but heard, to his annoyance, that night never showed up. But the Mask on
it didn’t calm down. He soon sent a new message to Robert: “I know
Amber novel. But I ask you to tell her I would like her to have lunch somewhere
in Los Angeles…”

At the second attempt
their meeting was held. Since then
they from time to time saw each other. However, Musk is still not managed to beat amber at
Depp. Besides, at that time he was engaged in endless squabbles with his
wife Talulah Riley, with which he agreed, then divorced,
reunited again… Now they seem to be bred again. So it’s possible
at least now heard and the Mask will be able to build relationships. Unless of course, Tallulah
don’t want to get my husband back. She starts to hint that all
still in love with Ilona…

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