Bezrukov and matison make a new film about the hard life of students in Moscow

Безруков и Матисон снимают новый фильм о нелегкой жизни студентов в Москве

Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison is not only a good family Union, but also creative.

Earlier, the actor and Director presented to the audience the results of their joint work entitled “After you” and “milky way”.

Now Anna and Sergey will shoot light Comedy “Rogue”.

Bezrukov in this project will have to work hard. He performs three roles: acts as producer and plays brothers.

Sergei will appear in the film only a few episodes, but he surely everyone will remember. First we will see Bezrukov who plays the main character’s father and then uncle. It is important to note that both characters are complete opposites of each other.

Together with Bezrukov in the movie will star little-known actors — graduate School of Oleg Tabakov Denis Nurulin and Instagram-blogger and actor Evgeny Kulik.

The film is based on two students who are trying to survive in Moscow. In doing so, they actively Soderstrom their grandmothers, their grandchildren paying half of its pensions. But this guys is not enough, because they decided to participate in the competition of projects of the Russian space Agency with their own promising development. Part pay and now the guys needs in the shortest possible time to find out where to get 40 thousand rubles.

It would seem ridiculous money for Moscow, however, Artem and Glory all goes awry. Funny and absurd situations that get friends, eventually leading them to an unexpected conclusion.

“”Rogue” is the second film by a young Film company Sergei Bezrukov, says actor and producer. We remain faithful to his strategy to remove the mainstream auteur cinema, that is cinema for the General public, but with his face. This time I’m not in the lead role, and very young artists, and the artists are great. “Rogue” — absolute Comedy, I laughed a lot, even when you just read the script. There are scenes of subtle, touching to tears. In General, this is the same movie for the youth and their parents, after which I felt so light and good that all the problems seem solvable. I remember myself a student, I feel this time full of romance”.

The shooting of “Rogue” should begin from day to day.