Бейонсе поразила фанатов своей фигурой после родов
The singer first came to light after the birth of twins.


Photo: @beyonce (Beyonce Instagram)

Fans of the 35-year-old pop star’s not in vain so long waited for them
the idol will appear again in public. After all
about six months ago, about two weeks before giving birth, Beyonce has gone
with all the “radar” and even stopped to share their images with fans. And now
her first release, made a very strong impression.

Beyonce — first
time after birth of twins — it seemed to his fans, came on an informal
concert of the rapper Vic
held at Mack
in Los Angeles. The singer, who attended the event with her husband
Jay Z chose a bold costume: pale pink mini skirt with
a high waist and a shirt with a deep neckline. Her outfit effectively emphasized
the dignity of the figure of a young mom: breast and surprisingly flat for a woman who gave birth just a month ago — the stomach.

I wonder what beyoncé has officially confirmed the fact of emergence
in the light of her twins just before his appearance at the concert, laying in the microblog
photos with children. And the caption
this the singer said finally, birth date of child on June 13. But before that fans had to settle for only
rumors of the singer’s children. Reported, in particular, that children were born beyoncé
premature and long was discharged from the hospital. They also discussed different
version of exactly how Beyonce and her husband had named their children. And if the rumor about
health problems in kids, the singer has not yet commented on, about
names she made clear. The girl singer called Rumi (a medieval
the Persian poet) and a boy Sir. Why she and her husband chose to
children these extravagant names, Beyonce is not yet told.