Елена Ваенга прокомментировала скандал с певицей Славой
Star chanson brought a colleague to tears.

Елена Ваенга прокомментировала скандал с певицей Славой


Photo: @nastya_slava Instagram Fame

Elena Vaenga

Photo: PersonaStars.com

Recently on the set of
new season of the show “Three chord” there was an unpleasant incident. Singer Slava,
for the first time dared to participate in such a TV show, left the stage after
speech in tears. It hurt a critique of one of the members of the jury — Elena
Vaenga. Star chanson not rated the room of Fame, they sang the song of Oleg
Gazmanov — “Putana”.

The next day information
this was leaked to the media and at Vaenga was attacked by fans of Fame, who wished
to protect the dignity of their idol. Elena then published in social
networks comment on the incident.

“Briefly about “the incident” in the “Three
the chords”. They set the essay on the topic: “Your opinion about
the character”. And I’m failing you because your opinion does not coincide with
common. It’s everything you need to know about education,” wrote Elena. She shared
with fans the recognition that has long been accustomed to attacks
detractors and learned not to pay attention to them. “Please don’t
tell me to calm down and not “pity”, — said Elena to the fans. I have
a very long time “soothing”… I’m sorry only that I was sick, and not
could “back it up”… and everything else… well the truth! Yelping “obizhenok”
and even more!”

Recall that in the days of Vaenga has received the neck injury, which was forced to postpone the scheduled show with
their participation for a month.