Леонид Ярмольник готовится стать дедушкой во второй раз The actor and his wife Oksana Pavlovna came to the program “Relish”. While cooking cutlets and salad, the movie star shared the happy news that soon he will have a grandson. Also Leonid Isaakovich spoke about the relationship with his wife and other family members.
Леонид Ярмольник готовится стать дедушкой во второй раз

Leonid Yarmolnik rarely shares details of his personal life, preferring interviews to talk about work and creativity. However, Ivan Urgant, the artist made an exception. In the program “Smak” he told the secrets of family well-being and relationship with his wife Oksana.

Said the actor about the imminent addition to the family: is the daughter of Yarmolnik, Alexander is preparing to become a mother.

“I always pay grandson Pete, and soon to be born another baby. Let’s call him Paul. So we have a branch of the Peter and Paul fortress,” says the artist.
Леонид Ярмольник готовится стать дедушкой во второй раз

The actor said that puts everything and plans his schedule so that more can see my three year old grandson. The appearance of the baby, according to Leonid Isaakovich, completely changed his life, forced to re-evaluate values. A name for the new family member was not chosen by chance, because Paul was the name of the father of the wife of the artist, Oksana.

However, the daughter of the famous actor is in no hurry to comment on the second pregnancy. Now Yarmolnik, Alexander oversees a non-profit Foundation for homeless animals, devoting most of your free time rescuing troubled dogs and cats.

Leonid Issakovich shared details of another important family events. The actor said, how was the wedding of his only heir.

“The triumph of the daughter was held in the country. All the guests came in white, that was the dress code,” recalls the star of the movie.

While his wife cooked the meals, Leonid Yarmolnik told of and reasons for domestic disputes. According to the actor, he loves yogurt and cheese sochniki. If the O. p. does not have time to restock the favorite dishes of her husband, then starts a scandal. However, the quarrel star of the family continues long after the approval of the artist, he was very lucky with the woman, ready to help and support him in everything.

We will remind that Leonid and Oksana Yarmolnik married for 34 years. The wife of the famous actor he worked as a painter and has his Studio on the Arbat, which my husband gave her. According to star cinema, his wife is fully responsible for order in the house and cooking.