Бейонсе презентовала новый клип

Two months after the publication of the controversial Lemonade album, Beyonce presented the video for one of the most controversial songs of Studio work.

Queen b released a video for the song Sorry, which deals about her husband’s infidelity, regretting the decision to marry and the pain had to experience her and her daughter. Except the singer in the clip there is another no less famous star – tennis player Serena Williams.

In the clip, the female athlete appears in a slinky black bodysuit and stilettos.

Note that Beyonce has still not commented on the conversations of their fans as to whether or not the song has anything to do with her family life with Jay-Z.

Instead, the star of the stage shows the idyll of publications of photos from a family vacation. Now Beyonce, Jay Z and blue ivy admiring the beauty of Hawaii.

Бейонсе презентовала новый клип
Бейонсе презентовала новый клип

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