Наталья Фриске опровергла информацию о новом романе Дмитрия Шепелева

Sister of the late singer Zhanna Friske Natalia commented on yesterday’s news about a new sweetheart Dmitry Shepelev – the civil spouse of the deceased and father of her only child of Plato. Media reported that the new passion of the presenter was a close friend of the singer Oksana Stepanova, but she is convinced it is wrong and any communication between them can not be considered.

“All this is nonsense. Xenia married for many years. She has a son and even grandson!..” told reporters Natalia.
Rumors that Dmitry found solace after the death of Joan in the arms of another woman was summoned by him. The anniversary of the death Friske and Shepelev published a letter addressed to the deceased, which has lines like “the Whole year my only companion was unfamiliar to me before. It’s the only thing dared to be beside me and share this terrible time. How it was important for me that after so many years finally care about me. As it was important, and I can give love and care. I’m probably supposed to like, but I couldn’t. After all, still living in the past, what a pity. And still thanks to her, my only angel, my gentle Savior.”
The name of their “comfort girls” and “Savior” Shepelev was not named, but all recalled a few months ago, the father of Jeanne Vladimir B. Kopylov hinted that girlfriend Jeanne Oksana Stepanova constantly supports you and Dmitry is next to him. He hinted that between Shepelev and friend’s daughter are not friendly relationship.
“I was told that She now Dima constantly. Don’t know what their relationship is, it is possible that something personal” — said Vladimir.
Stepanova herself to the contact with journalists is not. The day of the death of Jeanne she came to the family of the singer and handed the envelope with the inscription “Mama”, which was a dandelion – be-yourself greetings from Platosa.

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