Харрисон Форд снимется в еще одном «Индиане Джонсе»

The tandem of Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have formed many years ago, but still have not lost their relevance. Soon the Director and actor, who worked on the early “Indiana Jones”, will meet again on the set. Ford will once again transform into a Professor of archeology in the fifth part of the franchise.

The premiere is scheduled for July 19, 2019. Franchise producer Frank Marshall has not ruled out an exit in the future of new paintings about the adventures of Indiana Jones. Thus, according to the producer, in the lead role, he only sees Harrison Ford.

Hopes for continued support himself and Spielberg, who promised the fans that Indiana Jones shod not be: “I will Tell you one thing about the new movie: I will not kill hero Harrison [Ford] at the end.”

Today Spielberg added that making big plans for another sequel to “Indiana Jones” because his friend, Ford is still able not to act in films, but also to make better and more active many of his young colleagues from Hollywood.

“As they grow older, Harrison brings something new to the character of Indiana. He is in excellent physical shape and, as before, is able to perform all the stunts himself. The coming of the fifth “Indiana Jones” to be held in 2019 (the premiere is scheduled for 19 July), and I think that Ford will be able to take part in it. I think he will fulfill everything that is written in the script for his character. We are absolutely not concerned about this”, — said Stephen.

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