Бейонсе похвасталась стройной фигурой после родов The singer, who a couple of months ago became mother of many children, made a splash on the concert Kendrick Lamar in Los Angeles. Beyonce recently shared with fans details of his image on the speech of the other. According to fans of the star, it is in excellent shape.
Бейонсе похвасталась стройной фигурой после родов

In June, Beyonce gave her husband Jay Z adorable twins – Sir and Rumi. Now a celebrity feels great and is not in a hurry to get back to work. An insider told reporters that the singer is happy to be a mom. Not so long ago, the artist began to train to get in shape. Apparently, the star has managed to achieve impressive results. Or, maybe it’s the good inheritance. New pictures of Beyonce that appeared on her official website, speak for themselves.

The photographs, which aroused heated discussions among fans of the celebrity, she poses in denim shorts with fringe and lace-up current, yellow crop top, and boots on a high platform. Edgy Beyonce finishes the jacket with camouflage print and roomy bag.

In this way, the star attended a concert by Kendrick Lamar, which was held recently in Los Angeles. The company the actress made her loved ones – her husband Jay Z, daughter blue ivy, the girlfriend and the former lead singer of Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland, and cousin Angie. The whole company had a great time rocking out the hits of the famous rapper. Video made by fans of beyoncé have hit the Internet.

Note that this is not the first release of the Queen of R’n’b in the light after the replenishment in the family. In the middle of July pictures postroynevshaya stars made a splash on the Network. Then, Beyonce and Jay Z attended the concert of his friend, singer Vic Mensa. That night, the singer decided to wear a revealing outfit with plunging neckline and stilettos. Fans of the actress immediately began to discuss how quickly it came into shape after giving birth.

Beyonce and Jay Z spent thousands of dollars on twins

By the way, this summer, Jay Z released a new album, called “4:44”. The album became one of the most outspoken career as a rapper. In the 11-minute video published by the campaign’s release, he hinted that ugly was done in relation to Beyonce. In recognition of Jay Z, his wife was on the verge of divorce. However, with great effort spouses still managed to keep the family together.

“This is my real life. And one day I found this wonderful place. Here was built a large and beautiful house of our relations. But he wasn’t 100% built on truth, so cracked. Some things are impossible to hide, and sees the public,” said the man.