Бейонсе и Джей-Зи посетили выставку современного искусства художника Марка Брэдфорда

Valentine’s day long gone and the stars will slowly return to its normal schedule. But 36-year-old Beyonce and 48-year-old Jay-Z decided to spend some more time together and attended private exhibition by American artist, Mark Bradford, held in Los Angeles.

Бейонсе и Джей-Зи посетили выставку современного искусства художника Марка Брэдфорда

For the exhibition, the star chose a very stylish outfits from famous designers. The singer chose a brown silk boxy shirt from Australian brand Ellery, a black mini skirt and heeled sandals from Alexander Wang. Outfit star added sunglasses, which she, judging by the pictures, not removed throughout the exhibition, and emerald green clutch. Spouse Beyonce chose an outfit made of black, wearing a black sweater and pants, but choosing white sneakers.

The pair was in a great mood, didn’t deny the pictures, even the fans. In the network, at the moment, you can see the images, which is photographed with the fans of one beyoncé. Fans assume that after a recent story about jealousy of the singer, her husband prefers to remain in the shadows and not to approach other women.

Recall that in broadcast television Uncensored American actress Tiffany Haddish told how he witnessed the jealousy of Beyonce and Jay-z. According to the actress, at a party the husband of the singer was approached by Hollywood star and in conversation with him, lightly touched his chest to Jay-Z.

“Beyonce’s reaction was swift. She immediately came up and all his behavior seemed to say: “Take your hands from your chest my man!” Then she began to talk with the actress, and there was something else. But while I won’t say anything more,” intrigued Hedges.

Tiffany decided not to tell the details and the name of the actress, which was jealous of beyoncé, not reported. “I have no right to tell me what happened at the party,” she added.

Fans are very worried about relationship favorite stars, because they’ve been through a lot. Recall that a couple of years ago in the relations between spouses Beyonce and Jay-Z was a difficult period, the consequence of which could be a divorce. Jay-Z cheated on his lover that could not fail to affect relations. Your feelings the singer has expressed in the Lemonade album, almost every song which was about infidelity and betrayal. Jay-Z experienced at least, which resulted in his work in the album album 4:44. The details on the topic pair has not publicly given, but Jay-Z said in an interview.