Jim Carrey alarmed friends odd behavior

Джим Керри встревожил друзей странным поведением
The health of the actor raises serious concerns.

Jim Carrey


56-year-old Jim Carrey was seriously concerned about his behavior. Jim closed in
his art Studio in Los Angeles, where he usually does his hobby — painting — and goes from there. It
do not always return phone calls to his friends. And when one of his
buddies, persistence, and managed to persuade Jim to let him
in the Studio, he was horrified from the sight of Kerry. The actor looked exhausted and

As explained
Jim, he is busy cleansing the body from
toxins and other “filth.” So refused any solid food and is limited to
a small amount of juice and tea, which are ordered online with shipping. In
the idea of this “detox” is not bad, but Jim “sat down” on a diet
for quite some time and is not going to abandon her now. And if to consider,
that he had previously weighed about 65 kilograms and the height is almost 1 meter 90 centimeters,
to resort to such extreme measures, he apparently shouldn’t have. Moreover,
such extreme “rehabilitation” of the body, it is recommended to do under
the control of the doctors.

buddy and Jim’s confused state of mind of the actor. At some point he even
it seemed that Kerry’s delusional. In response to inquiries about his work, Jim
again, as it was during its appearance at a social event in the fall
last year, muttering something incoherent about “pyramidal structures” and “dancing
energy fields”. Friends of the actor fear that the mental health of the actor
could suffer as a result of the protracted judicial process started against
his relatives of his girlfriend Katrina white, voluntarily departed from life.
Although, recently the charges of bringing his girlfriend to suicide the actor was
removed, he could not withstand the prolonged stress. So now Jim’s friends
trying to get him to see a doctor.