«Между нами тает лед»: как звезды заразились модой на «Грибы» New song, a mysterious Ukrainian band is breaking all records in the Network. Since, as the incendiary video for the song was posted online last week. During this time, it was viewed over nine million times. “StarHit” studied folk art, inspired by the hit discos.

      March 10, the “Mushrooms” presented video for the track “Melting ice”, which will be part of the second part of the album “House on wheels”. It is known that it will present to the public until late spring. The video was directed by Vlad Fishez, who worked with musicians before. The artists, known for their secrecy, prefer not to give an interview about the release. Meanwhile, their hit breaking all records: every day brings a new travesty on the track as well as short videos, inspired by the catchy song with a simple and catchy tune. “StarHit” made a selection of the most striking of them.

      The clip of “Mushrooms” for the song “Melts the ice” is breaking all records in the Network

      Olga Buzova: home dancing

      One of the most viewed videos, created under the influence of the mysterious Ukrainian artists, was a video of Olga Buzova. The girl lit by the song “Melt the ice” in a casual home setting. Fans appreciated the efforts of the presenter and an aspiring singer, supporting her “likes” and rave reviews. Record Buzova managed to get about two million hits.

      Ksenia Borodina: fun dancing in the center of Moscow

      Famous TV presenter recorded a short and provocative movie, going out with another display within the capital’s fashion Week. Fans of celebrity began to dance with her. The video is currently Ksenia Borodina, dancing close to red square, is not inferior to the number of views the video of her colleague Olga Buzova. “Veselushka” “Song of fire”, “You’re so sincere”, “well Done, one can see that a good, cheerful and positive person,” write the fans a young woman.

      Glyuk aboutZа: karaoke in the car

      The singer has posted a short video in which she sings the smash hit “Mushrooms” being in the car. Like many celebrities, Gluk’oza was thrilled with the hit that breaks all the dance floors. Young woman having fun singing along to Ukrainian artists and shakes his head to the beat of the song.

      “What can I say. Broke me this song,” admitted the singer.

      “VIA Gra”: the power of three

      Sexy members of the pop group presented their version of the video for “Mushrooms”. The girls showed how to move under the main hit of this spring. Fans of the artists were delighted with their video. Fans of “VIA gra” found it very funny. “Well, it’s all super straight”, “Krutyshki”, “you rzhachnye out”, “Clear.” “Such right”, – discussed the users of social networks.

      Regina todorenko: lyric cover

      TV presenter and singer, a creative approach to the flashmob, which is gaining popularity in the Network. Regina todorenko has recorded a touching and romantic cover of the track blew up the charts. Fans of the star was delighted with her version of a catchy song. They also wished to hear other famous songs performed by beauty.

      Tatyana Kotova: contracted fashion, “Mushrooms”

      Not remained aloof from the universal Hobbies the track “Melting ice” and the ex-soloist of “VIA gra” Tatyana Kotova. She found that this song is impossible to stop listening. Tatyana has posted a funny video in which dancing Jean-Claude van Damme.

      “Oh Gods, this song is the most contagious of the infectious” – shared the girl.

      The Epidemic Of “Mushrooms”

      At the same time there were also those social media users who, on the contrary, criticized the craze for the works of Ukrainian musicians. They urged the public to stop constantly to relive the song “Melts the ice” and to publish dedicated to her pictures and videos. One of them came Kate Susan.

      “I liked this song… until did not hear her at all “Instagram,” said a young woman.

      “Melt the ice” in movies and TV series

      It is worth noting that in the Internet there are an impressive number of videos in which the song “Mushrooms” imposed on excerpts from popular movies, TV shows and even videos of other artists. Social media users have submitted their clips for the hit.