Звезда «Географ глобус пропил» разделась в Индии Actress Anfisa Chernykh is not shy to show the charm of the figure. 20-year-old girl did not hide from fans a candid photo. Followers hastened to make compliments to the young artist.

      Звезда «Географ глобус пропил» разделась в Индии

      The star of the film “the Geographer globe propyl” Anfisa Black decided to change Moscow’s bustle for a more peaceful place. The girl went on a trip with your friends. As the destination they chose India. Apparently, Anfisa having a wonderful time and have fun together with company. For the past two weeks, the artist having fun in a hot country and indulges his fans with colorful images.

      Throughout the vacation the actress was limited to a funny photo and the colorful landscapes. However, later Anfisa got free and decided to remove the top part of the swimsuit. In the water she posed Topless. Black is allowed to capture themselves in a seductive perspective, and shared the frame with all the fans.

      “Welcome to Paradise” – so has signed the Black.

      The followers are unable to stay indifferent after seeing such a candid photo of Anfisa. Her picture immediately attracted a large number of “likes” and comments. They admired her figure and hastened to make her compliments. “How am I supposed to work quietly”, “is a phot will not leave anyone indifferent” “Oh all right! Who all like a goddess. Star! Queen of my dreams!” – intensified fans.

      20-year-old actress is happy to talk about what was happening to her during the trip to India. Not so long ago she took part in the famous festival of colors, which is famous for hot country. She partied with the locals and was completely smeared with colored powder. “Burst. My favorite industy! Obogus! In war as in war”, – wrote in the microblog of Black.

      Not so long ago Anfisa starred in the acclaimed film “the Kitchen. The last battle” and waiting for the release of the film, which will be held April 20. There she appears as a chef the French team Anna. But most viewers young actress remembered for her role of Masha, the schoolgirl Bolshakova in the film “the Geographer globe drunk”, which was played by Konstantin Khabensky. According to the scenario of a young girl in love with teacher and does not hide his feelings.