Died “the last Russian punk” Konstantin Stupin

Умер «последний русский панк» Константин Ступин Familiar stars of the Internet report that he died after a long illness. Fans of Konstantin Stupin can’t believe what happened. They want the actor to rest in peace and find harmony, which he lacked in life.

      Умер «последний русский панк» Константин Ступин

      Today it became known that the 45-m to year of life died Orlovsky rock musician Konstantin Stupin. This was reported by his friends in social networks. According to relatives of the men, he died after a long illness.

      According to preliminary data from the city’s heart stopped. Journalists also reported that the actor was suffering from open form of tuberculosis. However, each celebrity said that he died from another disease.

      As described in the environment Stupina, the funeral is scheduled for Sunday. Fans my condolences go out to his family and friends. “This is a big loss. The last true”, “Sadness”, “Pity”, “rest in peace”, “Rest in peace, Konstantin”, “Kingdom of heaven”, “went Out to rock star”, “I Hope he finds what he lacked in this life” – discussing social media users. Their opinion about the talent of deceased men also expressed producer Sergey Pimenov.

      “Tonight, at his home in eagle after a long illness, died Konstantin Stupin – the great Russian punk, musician, author, poet, alcoholic and drug addict. I saw him live a few years ago, you may not know. He was already in non-returnable condition, but his genius was clear and transparent. He expected died, but left us with unique lyrics, music and meanings. Sleep well, Constantine”, he said on his page in one of social networks.
      Умер «последний русский панк» Константин Ступин

      Recall that Orlowski rock musician has become an Internet star after posting a video titled “You RUB me some game”. It gained millions of views and became viral. On the wave of popularity of Konstantin Stupin began touring with concerts, it also drew the attention of popular publications. Journalists believed the artist “the last Russian punk”. In the opinion of the people around the city, he protested against the society in all its manifestations.

      It is also known that Konstantin Stupin was in the group “Night stick.” In my entire career, the man wrote some 200 compositions. The rocker has repeatedly been in trouble with the law: it was twice tried and convicted of possession of a controlled substance and stolen vehicles. In total Stupin was imprisoned for nine years. By the way, just a few days before his death, the man gave the only concert in Moscow.