Ben Affleck stuck to makeup artist

Бен Аффлек приставал к визажисту

Makeup artist annamari Tendler, the wife of comedian John’s Malani said that actor Ben Affleck grabbed her ass. This happened in 2014, when the guys had fun at the party on the occasion of awarding the Golden globes. As reported by the very make-up, Affleck wanted to politely move it, that would pass, but it so happened that he accidentally grabbed her lower back.

Бен Аффлек приставал к визажисту

“I’d also like to hear an apology from Ben Affleck, who grabbed my ass at a party on the occasion of the Golden globe awards in 2014 2 wrote Tendler on Wednesday in his Twitter account.

All of Hollywood was rocked by news that a well-known producer Harvey Weinstein 20 years sexually molested the girls were dealing with. On this occasion, actor Ben Affleck, known for the roles of Batman, apologized to actress Hilary Burton for their inappropriate behavior, while she was leading on MTV’s TRL in 2003. It was after this tweet makeup artist demanded an apology from 45-year-old actor. “I behaved inappropriately towards Miss Burton and sincerely apologize,” wrote Affleck on Wednesday.

Бен Аффлек приставал к визажисту

“He passed me, grabbed my ass and squeezed her fingers,” continued Tendler in the following tweet. “I think he wanted to pretend, they say can not pass and thus wanted to move me, but accidentally grabbed not the back, and a little lower.”

“Like other women in this situation, I did not say, but a lot of thought to what he would say if I met him again.” she writes in the social network. The actor himself has not commented on the situation.

Users of social networks noticed that this is not the only case, when Affleck allowed himself to molest women. Another incident was when he was Dating Jennifer Lopez. The actor took an interview on the Montreal TV channel. Talked to presenter Anne-Marie Losique in 2004. The man grabbed the girl and seated her on his knees, and then even complimented, noticing what the girl has beautiful Breasts. Soon the girl presenter commented on the situation and defended the actor, saying that he never touched her and behaved appropriately. She stated that everything that was said was taken out of context.

“It was very exaggerated,” said Losique THR. “I know that people to verify everything, but that’s totally out of context. I don’t want it in a certain negative way affected him. It’s sad.”