Fans discuss pregnancy Elena Zakharova

Поклонники обсуждают беременность Елены Захаровой
The actress showed the audience the changed figure.

Elena Zakharova and Dmitry Ermilov


The appearance of Elena Zakharova at the concert hall “city Hall” once again fueled a wave of rumors about the pregnancy of the actress.

The actress, speaking in the framework of poetry, “Three
image of poetry. Three way of love”, appeared on the scene in the spacious outfit
which, however, did not conceal the changes in the figure of Helen is characteristic of women “in position”. The first rumors that Zakharova is preparing to become a mother, appeared in
in acting circles this summer. However, Elena hasn’t officially confirmed
information about what will happen to the child.

Most recently, Helen gave an interview in which again
they remembered the tragedy that happened in 2011 in her life. The actress told
that to survive the loss of little daughter had helped her and faith. “Faith… It is faith
I was saved then. Of course, parents and close! I was saved by faith in God
and that someday all will be together, so to speak,” he added

Out of grief Zakharova does not expose my personal life, than it is completely supported by the fans. “Happiness loves silence! Congratulations! Health of mother and future baby!” write Zakharova in social networks.