Бен Аффлек не планирует разводиться с женой The actor took a year to convince wife not to divorce. Ben Affleck surprised Jennifer garner, arranged her beautiful Dating, cared for the children and surprises. Thus, the star tried to apologize to his wife for his relationship with the nanny.

      Бен Аффлек не планирует разводиться с женой

      Parade in honor of independence Day, which is celebrated in the USA on 4 July, with a solemn rumble moved through the streets of Pacific Palisades. Among the families gathered for holiday festivities, one attracted almost more attention than the parade. Tall and massive Ben Affleck walked through the crowd like an icebreaker, seated on the shoulders of a 4-year-old son Sam. In addition to the youngest child Ben has entrusted the family dog in a scarf of colours of the national flag, which unsuccessfully pulled his leash to the bushes. Wife Jennifer garner stepped into the shadow of her husband, exchanging impressions with a 10-year-old daughter violet, and closed Stroy 7-year-old seraphina with the bike.

      Onlookers watched touching and friendly to the kind family, and then turned to each other with the question: “aren’t they divorced?” No, not divorced, and, according to recent data, more do not plan.

      Life after the nanny

      The couple announced plans to divorce 30 June last year, although the actual breakup happened before. First Ben and Jen didn’t want to take drastic steps – just decided that it was good for them to live separately, so Ben with things moved out of the family mansion into a guest house. However, he soon discovered a mutual misunderstanding of the situation: Jen thought that her husband is on probation, and Ben decided that he was returned to his bachelor freedom.

      And had an affair with the nanny, Christine Ouzounian, which is lifted from their 15 minutes of dubious fame everything. Offended by a public scandal Jen asked her husband on the way out with things. To hide an awl in a bag no longer made sense, the couple made the announcement, but the divorce garner to serve did not.

      “She believed, since Ben refused to fight for the family and tears at will, he needs to settle the formalities,” – said friends.
      Бен Аффлек не планирует разводиться с женой

      Instead, Ben began to spend with the family almost all of his spare time trying to prove to his wife that he will not need the gift. In his birthday in August he was not at the poker table with friends and beer, as he probably wanted, but with Jen and the kids at the theme Park of Harry Potter in Orlando. And the next day gloomily wandered to the family at the local Disneyland. “He proposed to celebrate his feast day going on rides,” said sources close to the actor. – Not to say that his company was a pleasure Jen, but she knew that she can’t handle three children in the crowd without the help of Ben. Although both felt uncomfortable, they endured for the sake of children.”

      Despite the attempt Affleck forgiveness a little blood, to the end of August, both the wife and husband took off his wedding ring. And in September again started to see a marriage therapist now to preserve marriage as the betrayal of Ben, and then to make the divorce as painless as possible for children.

      Soon a joint appearance with Ben and Jen on the public has ceased to cause surprise. It was noticeable that all of them easier to communicate. Gone are the stone faces, the couple smiled at each other, laughed, talked animatedly and did not make any attempts to establish a separate personal life.

      “Jen relaxed and began to find time for ourselves,” said her friend. But she’s not ready to date anyone”.

      And who would have called Jennifer on a date, knowing that she most likely will come with Ben? Affleck accompanied her everywhere – on walks, at markets and even in the Church. “They are comfortable to be just friends,” was the opinion of the inner circle. In private conversations, Jen admitted she still loves Ben and would like to forgive him. She began to feel that there was no treason, only a stupid misunderstanding on my nerves.

      Jen couldn’t help but notice how Ben affects the lack of women’s concerns. The actor, who shot a house near the family nest, overgrown beard, was slovenly dressed. Before Christmas, Jen imagined how this evening her lonely husband sad stranger standing in front of an empty refrigerator, shuddered, and took Ben with her and the kids to a ski resort in Montana.

      Slowly but surely

      Ben couldn’t stay with his wife on Valentine’s Day due to the advertising campaign of the film “Batman vs. Superman”, so I arranged for her lovers ‘ holiday early. 9 Feb actor spent $5 thousand on a romantic dinner in the restaurant Hinterland in Santa Monica.

      On the table waited a couple of candles and a special menu where the dishes listed without prices so as not to provoke heart attacks. The most simple appetizer costs about $100 per serving, and Jen had a go from the heart – beginning with caviar and oysters, continued hot seafood and finished assortment of Italian desserts. “Looking at them with Ben, one might think that it’s a first date,” – said a source in the restaurant.

      Goodbye Ben promised his wife a lot of nights, if she will forgive him. But Jen couldn’t decide whether she should cross the boundaries of a comfortable friendship.

      “I’m not sorry that I married him,” she mused in an interview. – In any company Ben – the most intelligent, charismatic and generous man, but he’s pretty damn complex. When the sun shines on you, you warmth, light and joy, if it goes behind the clouds, there is a risk to freeze to death.”

      In March, Ben came to the celebration on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the son in this Batman costume, causing all of Sam’s friends go green with envy for the rest of my life. That day touched Jen’s husband offered to go back to the guest house. A few weeks ago, Ben moved from there to the mansion. “Jen was in doubt until the last, say family friends. Ben tried to convince her that he could not live without her. An invitation to live under one roof means that he won. They still sleep in different bedrooms, but on divorce it is not.

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