Анастасия Волочкова получила в дар автомобиль от «любящего человека»

The name of the 40-year-old ballerina Anastasia Volochkova constantly on the ear. Tirelessly netizens discuss twines dancers in appropriate and inappropriate places, her provocative behavior with men and posing on camera naked, and later the publication filmed in social networks. The last such incident occurred a few days ago: Nude Volochkova naked, rubbed themselves with mud, thus advertising of one of the Crimean SPA hotels.

Apparently, impressed by Anastasia, her secret admirer decided to give her a chic gift – a luxury class car, worth $ 10 million.

“I’m very touched, it was a gift for my good heart, I deserve it” — shared with the press a ballerina.

By the way, when considering gift Volochkova should also pay attention to the license plate. But three sevens on it were placed the initials of the dancer – AV. This is for Anastasia as she was recognized, was especially surprising and gratifying: “Today I have a double celebration!🙏 Here’s a gift from a loving person. Pearl Maybach!💃Well, happy rooms, of course , our Ariadne initials!”


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