Ben Affleck buys a house for living together with his mistress

Бен Аффлек покупает дом для совместной жизни со своей любовницей
The actor finally decided to acquire their own housing.

Ben Affleck with Lindsay Suckas


Ben Affleck, who this spring completed his protracted divorce from Jennifer garner, going,
finally, to acquire real estate. As reported by the employee distinguished
real estate agencies, in recent days, the 45-year-old actor visited a few mansions. For starters, he called for put on
sale house in Santa Monica for 18, 5 million with 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms
rooms. And then another mansion — a little smaller and, accordingly,
cheaper in Pacific Palisades with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms for 11, 5 million.

It is noteworthy that Affleck was at
this, not alone, but with his mistress Lindsay Suckas. Moreover, Suckas not just
for actor, and was actively involved in housing choice, expressing their
considerations for each specific object. In the end, the realtor
the impression that the couple intends to purchase housing together.

However, Ben and Lindsay began to live together some time ago. Events
developed as follows: first, when Affleck and garner still
started your divorce proceedings, Ben
occupied guest house on the territory adjacent to the mansion where he lived before
with his wife and children — 11-year-old violet, an 8-year Serafini and 5-year-old Samuel.
And then, when the divorce was formalized, it moved out of there and
moved to rental housing. It was here, in July of this year I hooked to him with his
mistress Lindsay. However, as acknowledged by Ben to one of his friends, to live in
rented house he did not like. And Shukas,
apparently, shares the view of a loved one.
However, judging by the intensity of their search, the period of housing insecurity in
the life of Ben and Lindsay soon, apparently, come to an end