Agata muceniece condemned Gagarin and Dakota

Агата Муцениеце осудила Гагарину и Дакоту
Paul’s wife Priluchnogo reacted strangely to the act of the two singers.

Photo: Instagram

Agatha muceniece posted a humorous post in a personal blog. Although some members found the humor bad. Paul’s wife Priluchnogo posted a picture of a disney Princess, who grabs his head and signed it: “My reaction to the fact that all around began to call daughters by the name “MIA”.

Apparently the actress has a view that just this year, two celebrities who have become mothers, called daughters as well as Agatha.

“Sure, this name was also given to daughters and to you!” — expressed by many girls in the comments.

Polina Gagarina chose the name MIA for my daughter, which came to light in late April. And now Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky, who became parents recently, also decided to call their daughter like that. And now Agatha muceniece worried that the name MIA is too popular.