Возлюбленная принца Гарри представила его своим родителям Father of actress Meghan Markle in awe of the chosen one’s daughter. Apparently, in the relationship of Prince Harry and his new girl all very seriously. Their romance, only recently ceased to be a secret to the public, is developing quite rapidly.

      About the novel heir to the British throne Prince Harry, known for his love Affairs, and the American movie star Meghan Markle, the world learned only last fall. Meanwhile, the young people meet for several months, and apparently, this time Prince Harry is serious and determined.

      As reported by the British tabloids, a 32-year-old grandson of Queen Elizabeth II has managed to meet the parents of 35-year-old Meghan Markle and make a most favorable impression. As it turned out, the actress presented her beloved mother and father six months ago, but in the press the news of this momentous and fateful event leaked in the first days of the new year.

      About meeting Prince Harry’s father and Megan journalists were told by the brother of the beloved heir to the British throne, Thomas Markle, Jr., saying that her father is very proud that his daughter had an affair with the Prince and glad that they are genuinely in love with each other.

      “My father knew about the affair from the beginning, — quotes the edition of the Daily Mail brother of the actress. – He first met the Prince more than six months ago in Toronto. He’s really happy for Harry and very proud of Megan. They have a wonderful relationship, they are very close.”

      Now Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is located in the centre of everyone’s attention. The Royal family delighted with the new darling of Prince Harry

      Not long ago, the heir to the throne, was incensed against the hype around his lady. In order to protect personal space in the Royal person and his lover, the representatives of Kensington Palace made an official statement. “The girl Prince Harry Meghan Markle became the object of moral harassment. Many of these statements were published on the front pages of Newspapers. In all these notes and articles, social media, the comments contained blatant sexism and racism. Some incidents were hidden from the public… Prince Harry is concerned about the safety of miss Markle and deeply disappointed that were not able to defend it,” – said in the appeal.

      Recall that most long-term relationship Prince Harry was with Chelsea Davy. The affair with loud farewells and reunions lasted several years, but eventually came to nothing. Was not able to enter into the family of the aristocrat Cressida Bonas. Her relationship with Harry was a serial, but the official events with the participation of Queen Elizabeth II Cressida was not invited, that clearly spoke that to a slim blonde are not seriously. Most of all for the fate of Harry experiencing the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. You say her secret dream is to marry at last the red-haired loafers to their sense of adventure, he not baffled older brother William. Sounds like a dream Katherine will be soon.