Саша Project показала округлившийся животик The actress thrilled fans with the. In the pictures he looks pregnant, very surprised followers, after just a few weeks ago, she demonstrated chiseled figure with a slim waist. However, some users began to congratulate the star.

      Singer Sasha Project has surprised its subscribers in social networks, laying out the frame with bare belly. Judging by the changed forms of women, it is in an interesting position. However, the opinions of fans of the actress have divided. Some felt that the picture could be old, while others noted that Sasha could only inflate the abdomen to such an extent.

      “Think what you want! And we have a New year and new standards”, – said the singer in the caption to the picture.

      A number of social Network users have already started to congratulate Sasha with the upcoming replenishment in the family. “Happiness some halt how much”, “Cute belly”, “how lovely,” wrote a follower.

      By the way, recently the singer announced that he plans to marry. Sasha Project prefers not to reveal details of the upcoming celebration. For the singer this marriage will be the second. According to women, family life with first husband, she did not work. Sasha Project: “the Father of my children abandoned us”

      “StarHit” managed to learn that the wedding will take place in Greece, but the actress also said that the cost of her attire will be about a million rubles.

      “Veil is made from natural weightless organza, and a corset made of natural satin. Dress is decorated with Italian handmade lace, natural beads and pearls. It is this combination of fabrics creates the lightness and airiness of the image. Decorated with pearls and stones make the dress truly luxurious,” told Sasha.

      Recall that the star of the 2000’s received an offer hands and hearts during the holidays. The chosen one gave her a romantic surprise, proposing to find hidden in the room engagement ring. Sasha, however, not yet said when the ceremony of marriage.

      “The date is not yet decided, as the complexity of the work dress of your dream can take a long time. It is not the designer, and I want this wedding was the most memorable and the most beautiful!” the singer said “StarHit”.