Белла Хадид рухнула на подиуме с высоких каблуков

Guests of the show at once gasped and immediately began to photograph the fallen star.

During fashion Week in new York, guests don’t have to look at the sky in anticipation of zipping across the sky stars. Gods there’s enough. They ceremoniously walk the catwalks and sometimes even fall. Happiness to journalists and fans pozloslovit.

This time embarrassed was an American model Bella Hadid. During the presentation of the new collection Michael Kors the girl stumbled and fell on the podium.

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Interestingly, none of the guests of the show and decided not to help the model rise from his knees. About a minute everyone just sat and watched as the girl writhed in pain. And then began to take pictures of the event all were on hand recording device.

Hadid after the show to focus on the incident did not. But only showed photographers the removed blood to the leg. Shoes issued by the girl on the show, she is clearly small. Add the heavy platform, 15-inch heels and a slippery catwalk. It turns out that the model and there was no other exit, except how to dive on the floor during the presentation.

Bell later posted in his microblog in Instagram video from the show, in which he thanked the organizers for the invitation to participate in the show. Now fans are wondering: the post was sarcasm or is she serious?

Michael Kors today Thank you so much for having me in the show @michaelkors @johndavidpfeiffer (seconds before )

Video posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) Sep 14 2016 11:23 PDT

In the meantime…

In fairness it should be noted that models falling with high heels on the catwalks regularly. Not far behind them and the actors of theatre and cinema. No joke, walk in heels on the red carpet and not to cling to the stud on the hem reaching a length of sometimes a few meters?!

However, all eloquent about how heavy and homely life of the humble toilers in the world of fashion, explains (and even demonstrates by personal example!) the heroine of the popular TV series “Sex and the city” Carrie Bradshaw. In the story the journalist is on the podium on just obscenely high heels and falls, unable to resist.