Before attempting suicide, illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan complained about the mother

Перед попыткой самоубийства внебрачная дочь Джеки Чана жаловалась на мать Illegitimate heir of the artist three times appealed to the police. Himself Jackie Chan, according to his entourage, ready to help the girl but not her drinking mother. The actor regrets that he was an exemplary parent to their children.
Перед попыткой самоубийства внебрачная дочь Джеки Чана жаловалась на мать

Jackie Chan admits that was a bad father a legitimate son and all any – illegitimate daughter. In both cases, the lack of parental attention led to tragic consequences. In August 2014, his son Jaycee was sentenced for the drugs, and now famous daughter.

17-year-old Etta Ng was in the hospital in early April after an unexpected return to China from Thailand. The girl ran away from home and there found shelter with friends mother, the former Miss Asia Elaine Ng. Most likely, Thai friends decided to return the runaway to his family. Reunion drinking with unemployed mother, who the girl for the third year trying to remove from your life, and could lead to thoughts of suicide.

Mom under arrest

In late March, she informed the police about the threats and intimidation by 44-year-old Elaine, and wrote: “I’ve made either the most foolish or the bravest thing in my life.”

In the plot of arrested mom told me that I yelled at the daughter from fright, found in her room potent pills. Topic of suicide often pop up on pages of girls in social networks, so Elaine gave her the third degree, and finally gave a lecture on the theme of parent and child victims of ingratitude.

Satisfied with the explanation police fired Elaine on bail.

“I’m cutting in quarrels, she admitted on the way out. – I still need to learn to control my awful temper.”
Перед попыткой самоубийства внебрачная дочь Джеки Чана жаловалась на мать

Etta can’t believe mother on the way out of the station suddenly learn what is not given she is 17, I Packed a backpack and disappeared in an unknown direction. Elaine had to ask the help of the press. The prodigal daughter responded via the social network said that experiences severe stress due to domestic turmoil and needs a break from mommy dearest.


Illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan is in the center of the scandal since the day of his birth. The actor did not want to accept the child as his own, suddenly fearing that his long-abandoned and repeatedly deceived wife Joan Lin will divorce you. According to his wife, Jackie even came to her to Taiwan to apologize, which was given to him.

Shortly thereafter, Etta Ng has become a recognized heir to Jackie, but only on paper.

“In Hong Kong a married man can’t raise another woman’s child, told a friend of the actor, producer Tiffany Chen. – Jackie’s not a monster, he is an emotional man who cries often because of the separation with her daughter. Etta is innocent, she had no choice. But her mom was. She decided to have themselves a guarantee of prosperity and Jackie blackmail, which is unacceptable”.

Not having alimony, Elaine was forced to look for work. “I’m too scandalous person, show business is the only area I can count,” – said the former beauty Queen. It took a leading cable channel and the radio show “Love without borders” where celebrities talked about their novels.

As it turned out later, the topic turned to Elaine too painful, because after Jackie herself she met. His colleagues suspect that the woman abuses alcohol. In March 2015, Etta confirmed that it is, telling the teachers how drunk mother hit her in the shoulder. Then Elaine was arrested for the first time, and the girl for a few days passed under the care of social services.

“Social workers said that her daughter was going to commit suicide – I complained to Elaine. – Since it was taken, I don’t sleep nights, thinking how could this happen to us”.


A month after Elaine dropped the charges of domestic violence, the Director of the school did not allow her to take Etta home after class. This time the reason was the story girl about drunk mother. Etta reported that the mother drinks two bottles of wine every night and does not stop even after she’s gonna puke.

According to the girl, tipsy Elaine cries and accuses the daughter did in his personal life. Because of the constant accusations she hid from the mother, which is considered in the class pariah and thinking about suicide. “I was told she doesn’t want to go home,’ said Elaine. I waited at the school for two hours, but I was not allowed inside. Had to talk with the Director and social worker in the Parking lot. When Etta was taken, she jumped the fence and ran away, and after I went back to sleep in school.”

However, the presenter admitted that the day before they quarreled: “I let her drink just two SIPS of beer. She said that classmates drink and smoke and vengeance, that I sent her to do homework. The girl just lied out of anger”.

A few days Etta refused to talk with her mother. Relationship managed to establish after Elaine has publicly acknowledged that “was treated with alcohol insomnia” without thinking what an imprint it leaves on a child’s psyche. “I made a mistake, she said. – Are unable to give her daughter the sense of security that made Etta to worry about my health. I spend a lot of nerves at work, but my daughter knows I love her. I promise I’ll take better care of her and yourself.”

With a nervous Elaine was immediately fired. She tried to play the “card of Jackie Chan,” saying that the actor who for all the life of her daughter gave for its maintenance a dime, it’s time to shell out.

“Jackie’s waiting for Etta turns 21, – said the lawyer of Chan. – He is willing to share state with her, but not her mother.” I wonder whether this circumstance Etta relationship to the father? Now she believes Jackie’s “other man, who was very to her”.