Olga, the Wind barely making ends meet

Ольга Ветер едва сводит концы с концами Ex-participant reality show admitted that she had difficulties with the work. After breaking up with Gleb Zhemchugov by Olga the Wind decided to rent an apartment. There she lives together with her son Misha. During one video, the woman admitted that she has a hard time.
Ольга Ветер едва сводит концы с концами

After her divorce from Gleb Zhemchugov by Olga Veter rented an apartment, where she moved with her son Misha. Yet the young woman could not settle in the house, which she won in the framework of the project “person of the year” reality show “Dom-2”. According to former member of telestroke, the house was not handed over to the builders. In a recent live broadcast in the social network Olga has told, how is their life.

The wind claims that it cannot operate at full capacity as son Mike often skips kindergarten because of health. She is forced to stay with him at home.

“I live on advertising, can’t work as my son was constantly sick. And Yes, I have not filed for child support,” – said Olga during the communication with subscribers.

Gleb Zhemchugov confirmed “StarHit” that they were separated without problems and the ex wife is not going to solve the issues through the courts. According to the man, he is always ready to support the people close to him with finances.

“The official component of alimony, in my opinion, is addressed only to those who do not love their children, and irresponsible to them. I will always help my son not some limited amount, and in whatever way I can. I will give the last, if need be,” said Pearl.

Olga does not preclude the appointments of the former spouse with Misha. Sometimes he takes the boy to his guests, a young woman spends this time with friends. Olga Veter gave his son the education of the father

A few days ago the Wind celebrated the day of birth. Pearls have dedicated a touching congratulation of his former beloved. “You’re an amazing girl, I admire your dedication. I wish you just to let your heart always beat to the rhythm of happiness, your dream came true! Very glad that we are friends and in good relations,” wrote the glib on the page in a social network.

Subscribers rapper sorry that the couple did not plan to restore the relationship. “Good For You, Gleb. A girl like Olya, you’ll never find! But it’s good that you have friends left, after all you have a little miracle growing”, “Destiny gave too large a gift for the glib”, “He is guilty”, – shared their views followers.