Bedros Kirkorov was first shown the tomb of the daughter

Бедрос Киркоров впервые показал могилу дочери Deceased sister of Philip Kirkorov now it would be fourteen years old. A baby born premature and died after living only seven days. The parents buried the little girl at the home of her mother, the wife of Bedros Kirkorov, one of the remote villages in Novgorod region. Bedros and his wife Lyudmila very hard to have survived this blow of fate.

      Бедрос Киркоров впервые показал могилу дочери

      The father of the king of pop scene Philip Kirkorov Bedros Kirkorov became the hero of the next release of the program “Secret of a million” on NTV. Bedros Filippovich was the most outspoken with the host of Leroy Kudryavtseva, however, to answer the last, the most difficult question and reveal family secrets, the man refused.

      In the transmission first showed the grave of the only daughter of Bedros Kirkorov and his wife Lyudmila, a small Xenia. The baby died newborn. The grieving parents decided to bury the daughter in the home of her mother, in a small village in Novgorod region. Bedros and Ludmila are at the grave of his daughter. Burial well maintained, there is a marble monument with the name of the baby and the date of her death in 2002. At the grave – artificial Orchid.

      “Philip was at the tomb of the sisters?” asked Lera Kudryavtseva Bedros Kirkorov. “No, he doesn’t like to spend time in such places, – sighed the old man. – Yes, and I don’t like sad thoughts prevail.”

      Бедрос Киркоров впервые показал могилу дочери

      The girl was the first child for the wife of Bedros Kirkorov, Lyudmila, with whom he started a family after retiring from the life of Victoria, mother of Philip Kirkorov.

      Wife of Bedros, who came to the program to support her husband, refused to talk about her daughter and asked for permission to leave the Studio. For Ludmila the death of an only child – a major pain and tragedy of life. She was happiest when, at the age over forty years, first became pregnant, gave birth and even took her into his arms.

      Бедрос Киркоров впервые показал могилу дочери“Many years have passed, but she still can not cope with grief, – explained the behavior of his wife Bedros Filipovich. – Lyudmila tried several times to get pregnant, we went to doctors in different institutions. It turned out only with third attempt. We kept it from everyone when the baby comes, then we will speak. Philip was very happy my sister said: dad, you’re such a gift was made!”

      But the girl was born premature, at seven months. He died, having lived only seven days. The doctors told my parents that the cause of death was blood poisoning.

      “We are very worried, continues Bedros Kirkorov. – Really wanted a baby. I saw the daughter in the incubator. We managed to give her name Kseniya in honour of Xenia of St. Petersburg. As the priest said to my wife, and she gave him the floor. I had wanted to resist, I thought to name her daughter my mom’s name is Sofia. In our family, so accepted, but we broke this tradition. May we during this life and punished…”