Becoming a grandmother, Isabella Rossellini is back again in fashion industry

Став бабушкой, Изабелла Росселлини снова вернулась в модельную индустрию
65-year-old actress refuses to advertise anti-aging products.

In life
Isabella Rossellini, last summer, celebrated its 65th anniversary, began
happy band. First, for the first time, she recently became a grandmother than a very
to be proud of. And second, she suddenly remembered former employers,
once seriously hurt her. As told by the actress who for a long time
was the “face” of Lancome, she recently received stunned her with a proposal: the firm
again offered her a job as a model.

Rossellini remembered that 23 years ago she was asked to explain the reason why was left without work. And I heard: “it’s very simple: cosmetics
associated in the minds of women with a dream of beauty. While all women dream to be young!” And now, when she called with the job offer, she’s in shock said, “Look, you fired me when I turned 42,
saying that I was far too old for you. Now I am 65 years old, and I’m definitely not
became younger. I apparently don’t understand something!”. The proposal, however, accepted.

However, Isabella flatly
refused to participate in the advertising of anti-aging agents, because they considered it
humiliating — not only for themselves but also for women who are
cosmetics. She was able to negotiate with representatives of the Lancome that it will provide the means for
“glow” of the skin. “I think for women my age the main thing — to strive
to be elegant and refined. And “radiant” skin could not be more suited to
this way!” said Rossellini.

As for changing marital status of the actress, the grandmother she has become thanks to her daughter, Elettra gave birth to her grandson, who was named a ronin Hendrik.
The father of the baby was Electra boyfriend, actor Caleb lane. We will remind, herself, Elettra is the daughter of Isabella from her second husband actress John
Weidenman. And the first husband, but was the Maestro Martin Scorsese. Carried Isabella and
famous Boyfriends: her friends, was Director David Lynch and Oscar-winning actor Gary Oldman.