Son of Oleg Tabakov voiced Roger in the new “Buttermilk”

Сын Олега Табакова озвучит Матроскина в новом «Простоквашино»
Anton will continue in the footsteps of his legendary father.

Сын Олега Табакова озвучит Матроскина в новом «Простоквашино»

Anton Tabakov


Tomorrow Internet users will appreciate the new series of the cult Soviet cartoon “Prostokvashino”. Before the release of “Buttermilk. Return” it became known that the cat Matroskin will not sound Mikhail Efremov. It turns out that the actor took part in the dubbing of the first series of samples. At that time the cast has not been finalized. In the result, Roger was voiced by the son of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov Anton.

“We are confident that the genetic similarity with the voice of Oleg Pavlovich will give our Matroskin the timbre and intonation, which are so characteristic of the original character. In addition, it is very symbolic that Anton agreed to continue the work that was once started by his father. This is the continuity, for us it is of great importance. Film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” cherishes its past: heritage, traditions, customs, characters. I hope this they will live a new life and to always please their fans”, — said the Chairman of the Board Juliana Slascheva. In two years, the creators of the new “Buttermilk” plan to produce thirty episodes of the cartoon.

Photo: Soyuzmultfilm

The actor has already signed up for the first series. Anton reported that the scoring of a beloved cat for him — not just a job, but a tribute and an even greater responsibility, because Matroskin not just a character from the books by Eduard Uspensky — the cat speaks in the voice of his father. Tabakov-Junior said that he had not even tried to “jump” to the original character. More importantly, according to the actor, was to extend Matroskin life and to please the audience.