Из-за Андрея Миронова наши футболисты проиграли в Мексике
Unknown facts from life of the famous actor.


artists in the Soviet times traditionally traveled to the world Championships
soccer to lift the spirits of athletes in free games time. In
1986 in the support group was Andrei Mironov. Of course, colleagues
football fans — asked him to bring from Mexico Souvenirs, badges with symbols of the championship.
He never refused. When he returned, laughingly told friends that in this country love to take autographs. The crowd was even attacked them, not the known representatives of the USSR. And since Mexicans are not
know Russian, Mironov was signed not only for himself, but for Spartacus
Mishulina, and Anatoly Papanova and Valentin Pluchek, and for Georgi Menglet, and
many other colleagues at the Moscow Theatre of Satire, where the championship was not. And also could write “Charlie Chaplin”
and “Robert de Niro”…

The actor of Theatre of Satire Yuri Vasiliev jokingly chided Mironov: “Andrew
Aleksandrovich, the more you will not send our lost.” But he immediately found:
“When this match went, I’m already in the air was. Not yet departed, they played

which Mironov was brought in from abroad, colleagues in the theater I remember to this
day. So, one day a relative asked Alexander Shirvindt to bring from
Germany, where the artists went on tour, a needle for embroidery. He went
to the store with Andrei Mironov, which is not bad spoke in English. Alas,
the English clerk did not own and could not figure out what these
strange Russian. And as they were trying to explain everything on fingers, offered
them everything from contraceptives to knitting needles. “We realized that if
do not take it even though these spokes, it will kill us with our English,
laughter then told Mironov. We quickly paid and ran out of there!”

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