Джима Керри уличили в обмане
In the court case against the actor has been a new twist.

Джима Керри уличили в обмане

Jim Carrey


Around the name of Jim Carrey
a new scandal is brewing. Relatives of his dead girlfriend added another
point in his lawsuit against the 55-year-old actor.

Bridget Sweetman, mother sweetheart
Jim — Katrina white, suicide in the fall of 2015, said the actor,
in addition to everything else, is guilty of more lies. The fact that after the death of Catriona, Jim,
which were thought to be grieving for the lost friend, publicly vowed
to pay all the costs of her burial. And since he did not comment on
their actions, everyone has the impression that, of course, he did everything
going to. However, as stated by Mrs. Sweetman, he not donated to the family of any

If anyone thought that
mother of Catriona disingenuous. The actor did not dare to perjure themselves in court
and was forced to admit that he, although promised, in fact, not paid
the funeral. However, Jim found an excuse for himself: he allegedly learned that someone
relatives of Katrina owns the burial Agency, and therefore, he
opinion, a family could pay
the burial of the girls without his help.

This argument has produced mixed
impression. On the one hand, it is probably right. But on the other, Kerry
well aware that all the relatives of Katrina, not just the rich, and
just plain poor. By the way, that Jim knew all about the state of their finances,
did not stop him and even demand from family
deceased pay all court costs for this process that angered
even the judge. In the end, this requirement was rejected by Jim.

Recall that the mother of the deceased
girls suing Kerry for what he wants to achieve his conviction in the death of Catriona. After all, according to her statement,
the actor, who knew that is the bearer of three sexually transmitted
infections were not warned about that Catriona and infected her. Mrs. Sweetman
submitted to the court the lady’s letters, in which she complained that feels
himself “damaged goods” and confessed that she’s afraid to live with it can’t…
As a result of illness the girl she had severe depression, which
ended in tragedy: she
took a handful of pills and died. At the same time, Jim denies
the presentation of the charges against him.

Jim Carrey at the funeral of Katrina white