Из-за Александра Реввы на борту самолета началась драка Showman have not surprised when between willing to do with him once the picture starts to ignite conflict. On March 26, on channel STS starts a new series “Catch the crew” – the first popular movie series directed by Marius Weisberg (“Love in the city”, “best 8 dates”, “Grandma easy virtue”).
Из-за Александра Реввы на борту самолета началась драка

The crew of the aircraft company “Postorganic” gathered aces: Alexey Chadov, Natalia Bardot, Cheryl Cole, Julia Topol’nitskiy, Nikita Tarasov, Yana Kraynova, Daria Sagalova and other eminent actors, In the role of Arthur Pirozhkov on Board was inimitable Alexander Revva. In the story, one of a series of flight attendants not only take pictures with the idol, but also organize the battle for a date with Arthur during the flight.

“You know, to be photographed during the flight with the flight attendants for me nothing new – confessed “StarHit” Revva. – This phenomenon is quite common – people come up to me flight attendants, stewards, sometimes even the pilots out of their cockpits during a flight specifically to take pictures”.

This turn of Alexander does not bother, because, according to him, he never fought with aerophobia, even though he knows popular artists that have it.

“It’s hard, – continues the artist. As such people are restricted in their movements and are constantly in stress. And conversely, I, like any boy in his childhood, dreamed of becoming a pilot. Somehow I managed to sit at the helm: I even tilted the plane during the flight…”.

“I do a lot of flying – recognized Revva. – Sometimes, the day may change a few aircraft. The airport is always crowded and of course very often recognize, very often, asking for a photo, autograph. I don’t like to be photographed in airplanes and airports, which, incidentally, is prohibited by law. It is not that I am bad and harmful. Imagine: early morning or night, you from one plane to another, tired, rumpled, sleepy, you on arrival to go to [shooting] the site, to work… Absolutely no strength in communicating, and people want attention. Then I resent getting a polite refusal. Artists are also human beings, they work hard, get tired, too, including from the increased attention”.

Revva, as it turned out, had worked with Marius Weisberg – over Comedy “Grandma easy virtue” – and was extremely pleased with the result.

“Marius is a close friend, companion, person with whom I not only nice to friends, but to work. He is a very talented Director and a person in General. He knows how to shoot very good quality and, importantly, funny movie. That’s why, when I decided to shoot his first film as a producer, as a Director I chose him because you knew he’d be able to make a quality movie that everyone will enjoy. And so it happened. Our film became the highest grossing and successful film at the end of the summer 2017. In plans – part two of “a Grandmother”, which I am sure will be even more fun.”