Участие Юлии Самойловой в «Евровидении» вызвало жаркие споры Not all believe in the victory contestants from Russia. Julia Samoylova in may will travel to Lisbon, which will host the next Eurovision. However, many believe that the chances to impress an audience of millions on the continent it will not succeed.
Участие Юлии Самойловой в «Евровидении» вызвало жаркие споры

Sunday, 11 March, Russia submitted a song, which will participate in the 63rd song contest “Eurovision”. From our country to Portugal go Julia Samoylova. She recorded the track I Won’t Break and filmed a video. Now the whole country is eagerly awaiting mid-may, when there will be a great show.

Many colleagues of Yulia in show business it support. They wish her luck and hope she will adequately perform the song in front of the whole Europe. “I will not go into politics, I want to say only this great, strong girl: Julia, you’re a good sport, you’re a real fighter! And let happened what happened, but your strength, courage and talent are worthy of respect and admiration! For us you are the winner!” – Jasmine wrote in the microblog.

However, not all so optimistic attitude towards Yulia. Netizens criticized her clip and the song. Some low chances for girls to win. Dmitry Koldun believes that it is hard to predict the outcome of the contest. The singer brought in 2007, the year of Belarus is one of the best results in the history of the country’s participation in “Eurovision” – sixth place.

“I hope the Directors room and correct will beat the image of Yulia. But at too high a place, I wouldn’t count on it. The political situation is very difficult, and Eurovision is not the Olympics – there are no objective criteria for the evaluation of the participant. Only the subject,” — says the musician.

Last year there was a scandal around the fact that Julia Samoylova was not allowed in Ukraine, which hosted the next Eurovision. Many were outraged that the girl in the wheelchair will not be able from the stage to represent their country. Actor Stanislav Sadalsky, known for his scathing remarks, has not stood aside from discussion of the upcoming song contest. He felt that Yulia is not enough good English pronunciation, and voice. But most of all he resented the attitude toward people with disabilities. A pupil of Alla Pugacheva about the operation: “Now I can not be afraid of strangulation”

“Officials never cared that wheelchair users cannot enter almost email in one house that the government are not equipped with ramps-entrances for them, but aocheng worried that disabled Samoilov are unable to go on “Eurovision-2017″. There is only PR and speculation on the invalid, and nothing more. What special pevcheskoe data? Of course, it is a triumph over his illness, and so forth, but this does not mean that our country will be representative, really able to surprise and conquer”, – shared his opinion Sadalsky.

Producer Joseph Prigogine hastened to protect Yulia from attacks. He believes that the artist has earned its right to represent Russia in Lisbon. Moreover, for the singer had written a song that perfectly suited her.

“Today, in front of Yulia Samoilova, there are obligations that are executed. She did great, was able during this time to learn English. Her song work is the social status of the character. I’m all for participation! The fact that the contest goes that’s it — fairly and honestly. She is a person with disabilities, but with boundless love for their homeland,” – says Prigogine.

The material is prepared according to “RIA Novosti” and the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.