Не стало народной артистки Зинаиды Шарко Legendary actress of theatre and cinema went to the 88-th year of life. Zinaida Maksimovna sharko made a great contribution to the development of art in Russia. Family, colleagues and fans mourn the star of films “Dog in the manger”, “the Long goodbye” and other.

    Не стало народной артистки Зинаиды Шарко

    On the eve of world theatre and film sad event occurred. Legendary Soviet actress of theatre and cinema Zinaida Maksimovna sharko died at 88-th year of life. For contribution to the arts people’s artist was awarded the title of laureate of International prize named after K. S. Stanislavsky. She played in such films as “We met”, “dog in the manger”, “the Long goodbye” and many others. And theatre life of the actress was in full swing, almost until her death.

    The staff of the Bolshoi drama theater after G. A. Tovstonogov, in the company of which Charcot has worked for the last 60 years, expressed deep condolences to the family of Zinaida Maksimovna. Theatre, the world learned about the tragic event from the message published on the site of the temple of art.

    “August 4, 2016 died people’s artist of Russia Zinaida Maksimovna sharko. Team BDT after G. A. Tovstonogov expresses its most sincere condolences to the family of Zinaida sharko, her friends and colleagues, all who knew her and loved. Information on carrying out of civil funeral will be published in the near future”, – reads the official statement of the theater.

    During the life of Zinaida Maksimovna was recognized that the theatre was not always the first place. Despite this, the actress has a large family, grows three great-grandchildren – Ivan, Matthew and Whitney. However, for their descendants, people’s artist would not want the same fate. Like that, she was opposed to his son to follow in her footsteps.

    “When Vanya asked my fellow doctors: “Vanya, you probably want to be an artist?” And he said, “No, I’m too in love with mom: she said artist I’m only through its corpse”. You know, it’s the most dependent and miserable profession. Only megastars get a lot of money, and the rest pennies. Ivan became Director of the theatre. Timothy is a successful lawyer. Masha is engaged in photography and in business, and enough money”, – told Charcot about your family.

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