Лена Ленина улетела с новым ухажером на остров миллионеров St. Barts was struck by the hospitality of a well-known author. Next to the beloved man Lena Lenina feels like a fish in water among the luxury yachts and luxury hotels, the famous French resort.

      Life Lena swing. After a busy period of construction of two country houses near Moscow the well-known writer decided to change the situation. New boyfriend, whose name the star is holding a secret, suggested darling to go on an unforgettable journey. We only know that this is a very wealthy man, so he invited Lena to share happy moments in French Saint-Barth. This Mediterranean place is better known as the island of millionaires.

      Ex-lover Lena posted her intimate photos

      St. Barts or Saint barthélemy named in honor of brother Christopher Columbus, who, on the way to the discovery of America, found this wonderful island. The resort is a favorite recreational place for many Hollywood stars and billionaires: from Rockefeller to President Kennedy. And Roman Abramovich even purchased a luxurious place on the beach.

      Lena Lenina was already convinced that the island is crime – doors of houses and cars are not locked, and the yacht and lobster become a daily occurrence. Writer, published six books in French, it is convenient – all speak French.

      “The service here is not French, with their eternal demand for respect arrogant staff, and improved Moscow and extremely courteous – everything the client wishes. And gold and diamonds can be safely scattered around the room – in the world of billionaires, it is safe”, says Lenin “StarHit”.

      Photo published @lenaleninaofficial Jul 18 2016 at 6:58 PDT

      It is hoped that the owner of the franchise network studios manicure Lena Lena a good time in the island of millionaires with a new boyfriend who will be generous and decent man and will not disappoint the Russian star. After all, she already had a sad experience in his personal life.

      We will remind, recently the disposal of “StarHit” were exclusive details about the life of the writer. A former friend of businesswoman Maxim N. suddenly himself to take revenge on Lena, spilling in his microblog the details of their relationship and disclose intimate photographs.

      Ex-lover Lena posted her intimate photos

      On the frame that hit the Internet, the ex-boyfriend hugging Lena, posing Topless, standing in a thigh in the sea or ocean. The man’s face to discern not for the headdress of a socialite.

      The reason for the anger the man was the fact that no gifts are made Lena decide to be his wife. “She was convinced that all of these offerings only investments with a more insidious purpose – to marry and share her millions,” – says Maxim.

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