Became known, who looks like the son of Sergey Lazarev

Стало известно, на кого похож сын Сергея Лазарева
The musician ceased to hide him from colleagues.

Sergey Lazarev with his son Nikita

Photo: @lazarevsergey (Instagram Sergey Lazarev)

Sergey Lazarev, hid his son two and a half years, started with him to acquaint their colleagues. To conceal the birth of a child, the singer was not told about it even to close friends on stage. Kirkorovym Philip Kirkorov, for example, learned about Sergei’s son at the same time with everyone else, only in December last year. But the king of pop was one of the first who had the honour of a personal acquaintance with Nikita.

Recently Lazarev flew with his son on vacation in Miami, where at the same time, rested and Kirkorov. There was held the first meeting Nikita with Philip. After the singer told about how “amazing” the child grows in the family of Sergei.

“He is just one person! Generally, he is such a sweet child I have not met. Nikita is an incredible boy and some surprising. When you see for yourself — you will understand. Cabunoc — a miracle!” — said to a man “You wouldn’t believe!”. By the way, Kirkorov is planning in June to introduce their two children: Martin and Alla-Victoria with young Nikita.

Meanwhile, Sergei is in no hurry to present Nikita to the General public. “I don’t want to deprive him of his childhood!” — Lazarev explains the reasons for his secrecy.