“The bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov disappointed fans a choice of bride

«Холостяк» Илья Глинников разочаровал фанатов выбором невесты
The actor took an unexpected decision.

«Холостяк» Илья Глинников разочаровал фанатов выбором невесты

Ilya Glinnikov

Photo: @Instagram glinnikov1st Ilya Glinnikov

Ekaterina Nikulina

Photo: @cat7kate Instagram

The final show “the Bachelor” has turned out absolutely unpredictable. The main character of the show Ilya Glinnikov finally chosen a bride. She was a 22-year-old blonde Ekaterina Nikulina. It is worth noting that this choice is somewhat disappointing viewers. From the beginning of the project victory was intended for a completely different party — Madina Tamboi…

Glinnikov admits that when she agreed to participate in the project doubted whether it really to find a second half. But now can confidently say: he is in love! Despite the fact that 25-year-old Madina loved the son of actor and she seemed ideally suited to Ilya, in his heart ingrained feelings to Catherine.

In an interview after the finale of “the Bachelor” called Nikulin unique girl, which is now “in the afternoon with fire you will not find”. “This woman is from another planet. Thanks to her parents. Katya — the girl of old traditions, long ago, have not seen such. And most importantly Catherine knows how to lie. And trust is the Foundation of the relationship. In my opinion, Kate has never cheated on the project, no one was convicted and behaved more than worthy!” — said Ilya Wday.ru. Now the couple is making plans for the future together.

Recall that before becoming the hero of the show “the Bachelor” Glinnikov met with his colleague Aglaia Tarasova. They met on the set of TV series “Interns”. The lovers broke up shortly before the start of the show. Aglaya not long experienced a breakup and almost immediately had an affair with the star of the TV series “Hotel Eleon” — Milos Bikovich. First, the artists hid their relationship, but recently they are no longer “encrypted”.