Became known, who brought down to death the wife of the star of KVN

Стало известно, кто сбил насмерть жену звезды КВН 26-year-old Maria been booked died at the scene from his injuries. The tragedy occurred in Tuapse, where the couple were vacationing. According to eyewitnesses, the heartbroken player of KVN “Irkutsk — 350” attacked with fists on the culprit, a successful businessman.
Стало известно, кто сбил насмерть жену звезды КВН

The tragedy ended with the summer vacation of the player of KVN team “Irkutsk-350” – his wife was killed under the wheels of cars when crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing. The resort town of Tuapse, the port city on the Black sea coast that seems to be created only for leisure. However, in the memory of Yegor’s been booked forever now remain a place where he lost a loved one.

At the time of the accident the man was with his wife. From death it was rescued only a few steps – he was a little behind, holding the hands of the employee’s child. Behind the wheel of the ill-fated Mitsubishi Outlander, in a moment ended the life of 26-year-old girl, was sitting by a local businessman Sergey Lebedev. According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrator of the accident was drunk. However, the alcohol test proved negative. Now his defenders claim that he could just fall asleep at the wheel after a night shift at work.

“We urgently need to contact Egor. This Sergei Lebedev communication among local members. He can easily get off the case,” said the fans “Irkutsk-350”.

As reported by witnesses a terrible accident, when the been booked realized that his wife died, he attacked the driver with his fists. “Kill!” – shouted passers-by, looking at her distraught husband.

By the way, the locals also said that Sergey Lebedev has regularly violated the rules of the road. In Tuapse men have not the best reputation, but the influential businessman has always managed to avoid responsibility. For example, the day of the tragedy he went for treatment in the neurological Department of the clinic.

Himself Egor been booked refuses to give any comments concerning an event. It is known that male is still in Tuapse, where he awaits the official conclusion of forensic medical examination.

The last few months, Greg and his wife Maria lived with her daughter in Moscow, where he moved from Irkutsk. The man had a career and promoted his team of KVN.

Portal “Kuban news” reported that a few minutes after the accident at the scene arrived a Edward, which according to local residents, has contacts in the traffic police. The mystery man talked with Sergey Leedavis about the situation. However, the end of a tragic story involving the stars of KVN, is still unknown.

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