The son of bankrupt johnny Depp is seriously ill

Сын обанкротившегося Джонни Деппа серьезно болен Vanessa Paradis missed the premiere of the film, to be with 16-year-old Jack. According to Western media reports, the heir of the singer and the actor johnny Depp serious health problems.
Сын обанкротившегося Джонни Деппа серьезно болен

In a civil marriage one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood were born two heirs: a 19-year-old Lilly-rose and 16-year-old Jack Christopher. After living together for 14 years, johnny Depp left Vanessa Paradis for actress amber heard. However, despite the betrayal of the beloved, the singer has been able to maintain good relations with the actor for the sake of the children.

Today, Western media reported that the youngest son of the star couple is seriously ill. Due to health problems of a boy his mother had to abandon scheduled work activities. In particular, Paradis appeared at the premiere of “a knife in the heart” where she played a major role. Later, the Director of the film explained that the absence of the actress at the event due to health Jack.

“Sorry, Vanessa Paradis are unable to join us tonight. She had to miss the premiere because of the serious health problems of his son,” – said the Director Jan Gonzales.
Сын обанкротившегося Джонни Деппа серьезно болен

It is worth noting that Depp and Paradis children now reside primarily with her mother in France. Despite the fact that the singer was never married to Hollywood actor, johnny left Vanessa and heirs a huge part of his fortune.

But the actor is now on the brink of financial collapse. Recently it became known that the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” squandered his wealth and got into millions of debt. According to the journalist of one of the Western media, the actor spends several million dollars a month on private flights and 30 thousand dollars in wine. However, Depp himself says that the expenses for alcohol are a lot more.

In addition, johnny is suing his former managers, who, in his opinion, and drove him to bankruptcy. Thus, the actor believes that the company TMG intentionally did not enter it in the course financial situation.

It is unknown how the news about the deteriorating health of the son reacted to johnny Depp. Now the man is on tour with his band, “Hollywood Vampires”. Sister of Jack, Lily-rose also prefers not to comment on the health of the brother. In the Instagram model, there are rarely pictures of young men, but in the interview she emphasizes that this is in a great relationship.

The Daily Mail also reported, what exactly sick Jack Depp.