Стало известно, где похоронят Нину Дорошину
Farewell to the artist will be held on April 24.

It became known yesterday about the death of 83-year-old Nina Doroshina, actress beloved by several generations of compatriots. The artist died as a result of cardiovascular disease.

Over the last month to the artist, suffering from chest pains, several trips ambulance, but Nina each time she refused hospitalization. The last time star of the cult film “Love and pigeons” has caused doctors the day before death. On the death of the actress was first reported by the neighbor to which Doroshina asked for help shortly before he ended her life.

Died Nina Doroshina: the three most striking image of the beloved actress

Colleagues and fans of Nina Mikhailovna argue that it is to the last days were very energetic. It so happened that in recent years Doroshina lived in an apartment on Presnenskiy shaft alone. In 2004, the artist lost his wife, Vladimir et al, with whom he built a family life for over 20 years. Children, the actress was not.

Reportedly, the farewell to Dorosini, who founded the “Contemporary”, will be held at the theatre on April 24. Bury Folk artist at the Pyatnitskoye cemetery.