Сергей Светлаков поплатится за свои слова об Александре Маслякове?
Showman allowed himself a bad joke about leading KVN.

Sergei Svetlakov

Photo: @ssvetlakov Instagram Sergey Svetlakov

Joke of Sergey Svetlakov about Alexander Maslyakov may in the future be a showman issues. Leading KVN met with former member of the team “Ural dumplings” in the Studio of the program “Tonight.” The episode was dedicated to the transfer of “cheerful and resourceful”. Guests who came to the Studio, shared memories and funny stories associated with the participation in the popular game show.

About the backstage secrets of KVN in addition to its host said: Yuli Gusman, Mikhail Galustyan, Vadim Galygin, Sergei Svetlakov, Svetlana Permyakova, Marina Fedunkiv and other stars. Many shared details about his early career at the Club. It is no secret that the life of relatives Maslyakov also closely connected with the life of KVN. Son of Alexander Vasilyevich works as a leading in the Premier League. And on the set, it became known that Marina, his granddaughter, has “settled” into working for my dad. Svetlakov could not resist and made a joke on this subject as follows: Maslyakova named “the Godfather” by comparison to mafia clans.

This comparison obviously did not like Alexander. “Sergei! You will answer for it, but later!” — he reacted to the joke Svetlakov. Later, a small conflict the two stars was transferred into a joke. Alexander, as it turned out, not like when making fun of him. “I don’t really like jokes in his address, although the crown of the head will not fall, because it isn’t even there,” — said Maslyakov. Viewers assume that Svetlakov in the future could pay a price for its humor. Like it or not, time will tell.