Became known the details of the hospitalization of Anna Ardovs

Стали известны подробности госпитализации Анны Ардовой
The star of the show “One for all” underwent a serious operation.

Anna Ardova

Photo: Social networks

The media spread information about the fact that last night Anna Ardova had surgery. The news of her hospitalization came in late Friday evening, but the details of the incident were not reported. Later it became known that the actress had a serious surgery. It was also alleged that the emergency operation Ardovs was associated with kidney disease.

Native and Director of the artist yet refrained from comment. A representative of the Mayakovsky theater, where he served as Ardova, assured that the actress is undergoing treatment. Although the theatrical season has not yet officially ended, the schedule of performances of Anna let her take the time to deal with health.

“Despite the fact that the anniversary season the theatre closes June 28, performances with the participation of Ardovs not this week. In the rehearsals she is also not involved, so I decided to go for planned treatment now”, — quotes the press attache of the theatre

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