17-year-old daughter Jude law have entrusted the advertising of “adult” jewelry

17-летней дочке Джуда Лоу доверили рекламу «взрослых» драгоценностей
Young iris is becoming a model in demand.

17-летней дочке Джуда Лоу доверили рекламу «взрослых» драгоценностей

Jude Law


Iris Lowe

Photo: Instagram @Irislaw

Jude law will soon become a father for the sixth time, his consort Philip Koan is expecting a child. Despite its ambitious employment, the actor always finds time to raising her children.

Interestingly, two of Jude’s three children from his marriage to Sadie frost’s 17-year-old iris and 16-year-old Rafferty has chosen
acting career like their father and mother, and the business model. Recently became
it is known that the iris, which last year became the face of youth collection of Burberry, despite his young age, already offered a very prestigious contract for advertising jewelry from Tiffani.

The other day iris appeared at the event dedicated to the launch of the new collection
from the famous jewelry company. She dressed in a spectacular, but
simply white pantsuit: no “excesses” in her clothes not
distract attention from the jewelry diamond necklace and several rings
it is, in fact, represented. The debut of the girls in a new role — the face of the company — the experts considered more than successful. Experts believe that iris is waiting for shiny
career as a model.

“The first time I tried my hand in modeling about 2 years
ago. Me from the beginning was fascinated by this work, but about how to do
this business seriously, I started to think recently!” said iris
some time ago. Incidentally, the girl has a great mentor — who had already become a veteran of the fashion industry is her godmother and my mother’s friend, 44-year-old Kate moss.

Interestingly, the name iris first appeared on the pages of the media when she was
in just two years. However, then the attention of reporters were attracted to her
person not because of any talent girl, but because of the accident
which could have very grave consequences. Then her mom Sadie, who at that
the time was divorced with Jude, I decided to take my daughter with me to a party at Soho House. The girl swallowed
found her on the floor tablet”, estate”. Fortunately, all ended well:
the baby was taken to hospital where she underwent timely irrigation

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