Became known the details of the accident with the niece of Britney Spears

Стали известны подробности несчастного случая с племянницей Бритни Спирс

This past weekend, the family of the popular American singer Britney Spears was faced with the tragedy of eight – year-old niece of actress Maddy, the daughter of her younger sister Jamie Lynn, suffered serious injuries and is now in the hospital in New Orleans. A family spokesperson announced a few hours ago that her condition “stable but critical”.

Meanwhile, the media reported details of the incident in which the girl was injured. As it became known, the accident happened a hundred yards from the family members who watched as the girl riding on the ATV. In a matter of seconds after the vehicle with the child fell into the lake, the parents tried to save her, but was unable immediately to do it, because it was tied to the seat belt.
To pull the girl out of the water took a few minutes. Hospitalized her in critical condition, where she arrives today. Doctors do not give any predictions, because I don’t know how oxygen has affected her brain, and did it irreversible changes.
Yesterday the representative of the family was asked to leave his family alone during this difficult time and prayers for the life of Maddie. This was asked and Britney on his page on Twitter.
“Need prayers for my niece” -she wrote on his page in the social network.
Recall that Jamie Lynn gave birth to a daughter in adolescence, but, despite svalivsheesya on her shoulders a great responsibility, never regretted it, quite the opposite. In an interview with a woman called the daughter a “gift from God” and her best friend.