Zayn Malik responded to critics

Зейн Малик ответил критикам

British singer Zayn Malik, a former member of the band One Direction responded to the words of a hater, who advised him to finish his musical career, since singing is not his strong point.

Zane, who rarely engages in polemics with its critics, wrote on his page in social network:
I will answer someone who thinks I’m good at music and that I need to do something else. How easily some of us to talk about the things we don’t understand a damn thing“.
We will remind that after disintegration of the band One Direction all clean of the band started solo projects, and Zane was the most successful of the team, presenting to the public their debut album “Mind of Mine”.
Unfortunately, everything went very smoothly, and because of fatigue and constant stress, much to the chagrin of his fans, Malik had to cancel part of the planned appearances, including a performance at the Capital Summertime Ball in June last year.
“To my great regret, anxiety that has haunted me for the past several months and fatigue from the live shows caught up with me … Over time I began to pursue feelings of restlessness and anxiety.
I can’t apologize enough, but I want to be honest with everyone who waited patiently to see me. I promise I will do my best to see you as soon as possible, but today I’m devastated. I know that all who have ever felt anxious attack, understand me” — Zane wrote on his page in the social network then. However, he noted that the work brings him pleasure, but a mental disorder “blocks all the buzz” and he is forced to fight with yourself.