Стали известны любопытные подробности родов Бейонсе
The mother of the singer has confirmed their outlandish names.

Beyonce with the kids

Photo: @beyonce (Beyonce Instagram)

After a month of rumors and gossip in the Network is finally starting to emerge
the details of the birth of the twins, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z. New information emerged thanks to the
the fact that reporters were able to get a copy of birth certificate of children

this document was, first of all, it is known that the twins were born in
cesarean section. Their time of birth is indicated as 5 hours and 30 minutes
in the morning, and the date — June 13. The first was born the daughter of Beyonce that is, in effect, will be considered a senior, although brother “younger than” her just
for a few seconds.

one curious detail, vyyasnitsya thanks to the certificate, — the name of the midwife who helped
Beyonce in childbirth. He was well-known in this field specialist — Dr. Paul
Crane, what a surprise. After all, the crane is considered almost a family physician
the Kardashian clan: he helped to be born both children Kim, three children of her
sisters Courtney, and even the daughter of the brother of Kim, Rob. But surprised that those who follow the news
show-business, because in the last year relationship, Beyonce and Kim not exactly friendly.

all the same birth certificate managed to eliminate the confusion with the names
children Beyonce. The fact that the first day of birth, the singer wrote:
“Rumi and Sir Carter — one month!” And
because the real name of the husband of Beyonce Shawn Carter, and in America it is customary to give
children at least two names, fans
decided that the full name of the son of the singer would look a little
strange — Sir Carter Carter. But as it turned out, Beyonce’s husband, in defiance of the
tradition, decided to do just one name for each of their twins. It
is their name just Rumi and Sir, and Carter — their name from her father. Later this
the information was confirmed and the singer’s mother Tina Knowles.