Владимир Яглыч рассказал о своей страсти
Actor 12 hours a day spends on the set of project STS “Junior. Adult life”.

Vladimir Yaglych

Photos: 7 Days

In the next portion of the series “Junior”, which will air in the new season, Vladimir Yaglych is the captain of the hockey club “Elektron”. His character is an absolute leader, to which the whole team listens. But when the squad there are players from the MHL, there are serious conflicts.

At the ice arena, which is the main place of shootings of the project, the actor spends 12 hours a day. And before the start of the shooting process the work three times a week he trained under the guidance of professional players.

“Physical activity is essential, — says Vladimir Yaglych, but compared to our stand-ins-players we ride in half a leg. Here they plow wear”.

The actor himself follows the success of the Russian national ice hockey team, but cannot call myself an ardent fan. His favorite sport to watch is fencing.

“Fencing is a passion of mine since childhood, says Aglic. — Always watch the participants and cheer. I think it’s an underrated sport in our country! I also like badminton. I prefer private rooms, which usually are located outside the city. Still on the street often stopping to play the wind, and the courts have special conditions. However, the shooting takes up most of my time, so this pleasure can afford rare.”