Beauty trends: top 5 tools for spring

Тенденции в макияже: топ-5 средств для весны After winter, many people want to restore a fresh appearance to the face. Cold and dry indoor air can negatively impact our skin. By the spring many people want to update cosmetics. We have selected for you a list of the necessary tools that you should purchase. Expert Masha Panova gave the right advice.
Тенденции в макияже: топ-5 средств для весны

Tint balm for the lips

It is an indispensable product in your cosmetic bag in the spring. The tool has a lightweight texture and other advantages. Balm softens, soothes and cares for lips, for long lasting comfort as well as adds volume and eliminates peeling. Included in the pigments adapt to the natural color, creating a personalized shade. Updated reflective particles rich formula imparts luminous Shine and accentuates the natural beauty of your lips. With regular use of lip skin becomes more elastic.

Тенденции в макияже: топ-5 средств для весны

Waterproof mascara

It is a means for lashes is suitable for those who are not accustomed to spending time on makeup during the day. Ink meets the most stringent requirements, and combines aesthetic quality with a competent care. Due to its special formula, it gives lashes incredible volume, apply it in several layers, lashes do not stick together. If the brush consists of a cone-shaped bristles, it allows you to completely paint over each cilium. In addition, the composition typically includes provitamin B5, which nourishes and strengthens your eyelashes.

Тенденции в макияже: топ-5 средств для весны

Blush for draping

This is one of the new trends in makeup. Select a model containing three universal matte gradient in two shades: light-medium and medium-dark. The darkest shade from the palette-applied under cheekbones, over it medium in intensity, then the light color to apply along your cheekbones and all the borders of carefully shaded. Silky texture that makes it easy to do. As a result, the face looks fresh, rested appearance and is natural natural way. In addition, each shade can be used alone. Beveled apply blush with a fluffy brush made of natural cloth. For evening makeup choose a bright lipstick to match.

Тенденции в макияже: топ-5 средств для весны

Tonal cushion

This is perfect for spring makeup. Creamy, soft and silky texture with effect from second skin makes the skin perfect and gives comfort. At the same time a light, subtle coverage without mask effect, well evens the complexion and hides imperfections. In kushane combines highly concentrated color pigments and reflective particles, thereby creating a beautiful and natural complexion with a glow from within.