Муж Дженнифер Энистон настаивает на законности брака ради имущества Before breeding the actress with Justin Theroux, lawyers have to prove that this Union was formalized. Jennifer aniston and got married to her lover in 2015, but they ought to have to obtain a license to register a relationship in California.
Муж Дженнифер Энистон настаивает на законности брака ради имущества

As soon as Jennifer and Justin announced the breakup after two years of marriage, the reporters tried to find out if the couple entered into a marriage contract. This would help to predict how protracted and scandalous divorce will be. 49-year-old actress is much richer than her husband, her fortune is estimated at $220 million versus $20 million Theroux. Even if the partition of jointly acquired property it will be a substantial loss that it is unlikely to be satisfied.

The archives of the city hall presented a surprise. Before the wedding, which took place in a Los Angeles mansion Jennifer 5, 2015 resident of new York, Justin had to obtain a license to marry in California. Evidence that he received it, was not found. And without that piece of paper marriage Jen – pure fiction.

History and geography

Few people in Hollywood believed in this Union. They say the ex-girlfriend of actor Heidi Bivens from the very beginning warned Jen that it is long. According to Heidi, who lived with Theroux for 14 years, he too loves freedom.

“Bivens told it like it is, say insiders. – Justin professes the Stanislavsky system, immersed in every way with your head and not out of it until the end of filming. This makes it a great actor, but a very problematic roommate. In addition, he believes Los Angeles is a hotbed of evil and will never agree to live there.”

Then aniston, of course, decided that the ex-lover tries to discourage her from her man, but time proved the correctness of Heidi. The Stanislavsky system has intervened into the relationship immediately after the wedding, when the couple was going to honeymoon in Bora Bora.

“Justin worked on the role was serious and so intense that she had to invite into the journey of a group of friends to create a lighter, more festive atmosphere, – say friends of the couple. – During honeymoon, the newlyweds remained alone”. The life of Jennifer and Justin did not deserve the status of joint: all attempts to arrive broken hate Justin to Los Angeles and Jen to new York.

Муж Дженнифер Энистон настаивает на законности брака ради имущества

“She didn’t like his apartment in Greenwich village, testified friends of the actress. – Too little space and light, the permanent artistic mess, a dubious fellow hipsters. And Justin was uncomfortable in her mansion in Bel air for Hollywood celebrities. They spent more and more time apart, gradually swim out of a love of the mist, which until then hid all the contradictions. Jen realized that her husband is self – centered, obsessed with his work. And Justin realized that the husband is not such a smiling, open and communicative, as it is accepted to think.”

The beginning of the end

The last time Justin and Jennifer appeared together on the red carpet in April 2017 at the television festival in Paris. The couple looked happy and in love, stared into each other’s eyes.

“By the time Jennifer realized that she married a man with whom she has very little in common, – has told a source close to the actress. – Still trying to convince myself that she likes it messy, hectic lifestyle”.
Муж Дженнифер Энистон настаивает на законности брака ради имущества

The couple appeared together in public often. In July they were seen together at dinner in Malibu, in October in new York. 14 Dec Justin in a rage jumped out of the Los Angeles mansion of his wife and took a cab to the Beverly Hills hotel, where they rented the only room available $500 per day.

“He’d agreed to spend the night even in the closet was so disappointed – said the personnel of the hotel. The next day friends brought him some necessary things and made up for Breakfast. Many have heard the words of Justin, that Jan this time went too far, and he never will return.”

According to rumors, the usual spousal altercation turned into a scandal of epic proportions. Jen’s husband expressed their grievances in the most venomous terms, and Justin hurried off, until he came to fight. What was the cause of the quarrel is unknown, but close to a couple of people got a few guesses: “Jen believed that in new York Justin is behaving like a bachelor. In particular, she is jealous about his friendship with Naomi watts. Theroux resisted the desire of his wife to be in control. Jen even impose their diet and prohibited to keep in the fridge the products, which she does not eat! In addition, she often talked with her ex-husband brad pitt to complain and ask for advice. Justin absolutely did not like their approach”.

After the conflict, the couple spent the Christmas holidays in the resort of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, but most of them together has not been seen. 7 Feb came issue of the magazine Architectural Digest with a detailed description of the mansion, where actress married to Justin, and then she immediately put the house up for sale – apparently in an effort to get rid of all memories of this event. Justin did not attend the wife’s birthday, which she celebrated with her friends, and for the first years of the novel, congratulated her on Valentine’s Day. On the contrary, the evening of 14 February, he flew to Los Angeles to put an end to their married life.